The additional time, growth and travels down “Life’s Highway” have her ready for her new journey…

2021 Autobiography

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Previous Single on Music Row: Dreams and Gasoline, Plowin’ and Cryin’, Dream Big and You Can’t Look Back

International Airtime: Walk Through Life, Dreams and Gasoline, Make it to Memphis, Plowin’ and Cryin’, Dream Big and You Can’t Look Back

Shelley Lynch Dream Big Autobiography

Country Girls Are Crazy


“There are two types of “musical” people in the world today.  Those who dream about being in the music industry … and those who work at it.  Shelley is the later.  She is without a doubt, one of the hardest working ladies in country music today.  A singer, a songwriter. and a performer. A real triple threat.”

Joe Wood, RDR Music Group

“Shelley Lynch is what is best about music. Passionate, unbridled, fun, serious at times but always on point with the songs she writes and chooses to record. She hails from a wild place within view of the Rocky Mountains and you can hear that in her music.  My instincts tell me Shelley is an artist who is on the verge, and my instincts are rarely wrong.”

Joe Kelly, CDX Nashville

Project Manager

Joe Kelly
Joe Kelly Project Manager
Joe Kelly worked at CDX Nashville from 1992-1999 before leaving to join Intersound Country and Platinum Entertainment where he was named Southeast Regional Director of Promotion and controlled a seven-state area with sixty-two major radio markets. Joe joined Blue Diamond Records in 2001, as Vice President, where he directed all label divisions, including A& R, marketing, promotion, sales, press and publicity. In 2004, he and two partners launched their own Aspirion Records Group where Joe assumed the role of Vice President of National Promotion, collaborating on all label divisions including A&R, marketing, sales, press and publicity in the promotion of label-signed and distributed artists such as Oak Ridge Boys, John Corbett, Joe Nichols, Collin Raye, T. Graham Brown and many others. In 2011, Joe’s career came full circle when he rejoined CDX Nashville as Director of Marketing and Label Relations. In 2018 Joe purchased CDX Nashville.

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Doug Abbey
Doug Abbey

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Cathy Lynch-Follett
Cathy Lynch-Follett

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