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Shelley Lynch – Introduction

Shelley Lynch grew up in a small town in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, surrounded by music from a young age. Fifth of 6 children, raised at a Drive-In Theatre, a family business with parents always encouraging her to ‘Dream Big’. She started playing guitar with her older sisters at the young age of 10 and wrote her first song at 12.

After years of hard work and persistence, her songs finally made it to the studio. From the first “Walk through Life” album, continued in the next album “Dream Big”, on to her next release ‘Powerful Woman’. Shelley continues to write and perform music that reflects her life experiences and the struggles and triumphs of everyday life. ‘Dreams and Gasoline” was released the fall of 2020. Her current producer Dean Miller (Roger’s Son) and some of Nashville’s best studio pickers and players, help deliver her music with a new 90’s country sound.

Dreams and Gasoline reached #66 on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart. Make it to Memphis single was recognized in the Music Row Magazine, as the highest debut on the Music Row Country Breakout Radio Chart landing at No. 74” in July 2021, alongside Toby Keith. Her single “Country Girls are Crazy” became a top 50 song on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart! The country version of Nickelback’s “If Today Was Your Last Day”, has brought her talent to yet another level. She hit the ground running in 2023 with 5 more self penned tunes. “Live Everyday” made it to the top 100 on the Music Row Charts and top 10 with the CICC. “Love is Real” released to radio in August 2023, “Rock it Out This Christmas” is getting ready for the festive season. “I Win” and “Different Kind of Lonely” are not far behind. There’s no stopping the momentum of the Canadian singer/song writer! Add to that her great team The Orchard/Sony Music Nashville and CDX Records Project Manager, Joe Kelly, bringing her songs to the world.

Shelley Lynch Autobiography

Shelley was born in Fernie, British Columbia, fifth of six children of long-time residents Frank and Mary Lynch. They were a business-orientated family with a deep faith and a strong love of music that led to dedicating part of their living room to drums, guitar and organ giving the family ample opportunity to sing and entertain together.

By age ten Shelley was playing guitar with older sister Kim. At 12 she wrote her first song titled “Spring.” Along with singing and playing guitar in church every Sunday, a high school competition which included teacher contestants, Shelley performed an original song that got her the top prize. This win served as the impetus to bolster her confidence to perform publicly.

As the years went on playing at weddings, churches, campfires and wherever she could, Shelley and sister Cathy started performing as the “Lynch Sisters” in bars and special events. Not long after Cathy’s husband Craig joined the group to become ‘Country Mile’. Shelley had always wanted to record the songs she wrote, however her sister and brother-in-law did not want the financial commitment, so Shelley went out on her own to fulfill her dream and continued performing as a group.

When the album “Walk through Life” came out in 1996 Shelley was inspired with the success of radio play and international support. Shelley’s first album was distributed through RDR Music, Joe Wood, Toronto, Ont. With great success through radio in Europe, her inspiration grew, not allowing that inner voice to fade and kept her dreaming….

She attended many Country Music Seminars/Award shows, BC Country Music Awards, sang live on CFCN Television, performed at Fernie’s own Elk Valley Jamboree, live on the Big Breakfast Show, Calgary, performed live on Shaw Cable TV and on the Nashville North stage during Stampede Week in Calgary.

People celebrated her success and predicted a bright future. However, without a record label to market her music, it is difficult. “You still have to work your day job, maintain a family balance and work your business in between. This does not leave a lot of time for ‘sleep’ or ‘play’. Your drive to fulfill your gift God has given you, has to be very strong with endless faith and hard work.” Shelley explains.

But life hasn’t been without difficulty. Shelley was eight when her mom suffered a car accident that resulted in her being permanently bound to a wheelchair. Several years later her brother Bud experienced a similar accident that left him with severe nerve damage and in need of a wheelchair, a young cousin involved in a motor vehicle accident is a quadriplegic.

While pregnant, Shelley was putting together a deal with Miles Goodwen of April Wine fame, to procure mechanical rights to the song “Like a Lover, Like a Song”, when she felt a lump on the inside of her left knee. Not wanting to put her unborn child through chemical treatment Shelley kept the lump a secret. Those months were “hell” she says as she points to a long scar and adds that during alternative therapy and rehabilitation, she took time for a “good break, to think”. The song “Let Me Stay” was written during that bleak time.

Shelley has instructed and trained as a first responder, she was a Captain and Officer with the fire department in the Jaffray/Baynes Lake. After graduation she went to work for BC Ambulance and worked as a paramedic for many years. She held tickets for different levels of training but let the surface mine rescue tickets slide while she and ex-husband Frank ran their business “The Dutchman’s Garden”, 2001 to 2009, a home delivery program of organic products and produce that served a large radius of customers from BC to Alberta.

Her writing style continued in the next album “Dream Big,” a collection of songs she wrote and performed that exploded with lyrics as honest and as personal as life can get. After many years of soliciting, in 2008 Shelly’s “Dream Big” CD caught the eye of Jerry Duncan of Jerry Duncan Promotions from Nashville. His marketing of Shelley’s single Plowin’& Cryin’ resulted in Shelley’s music finding its way on the top 100 on the Music Row Charts and Top 10 Independent Charts.

The “Dream Big” album released internationally got lots of attention in the US through radio with the “Plowin & Cryin”, “Dream Big” and “You Can’t Look Back” singles. Plowin’ & Cryin – first single out reached top 100 Music Row / #8 New Music Weekly Charts: Dream Big –  single out top 100 Music Row / #23 New Music Weekly Charts: You Can’t Look Back – third single out top 100 Music Row / #3 New Music Weekly Charts. Distributed through CD Baby, a worldwide independent distributor, and linked to iTunes, Spotify, payplay.fm and several other digital download distributors.

Shelley asked her sister Cathy to join her as part of the Lynch Records team in 2009. This independent company publishes songs and sells merchandise. Shelley is aware that talent is only a small part of success in this business. Management, direction, image, persistent determination and putting 110% into everything you do are the true requirements. In 2009 she attended the CRS (Country Radio Seminar) in Nashville, meeting radio personal, industry professionals and several major artists. Shelley has continued to attend this event annually with her sister Cathy.

At this time, Shelley organized the ‘Lynch Records’ office with her sister Cathy, which is still exists today. She also has an office/music room at her home in Southern BC. She has literally covered the walls with framed CDs of songs recorded and other certificates of achievement, even the first cheque for royalties from SOCAN for air play of song. She says she has done this as a form of encouragement to “realize you can achieve Big Dreams; it just takes dedication and time.”

December 2011, she was approached by a record label out of Florida. Shelley’s daughter Sadi has always been a huge part of her mom’s music career. At age 2, Sadi sang at the Calgary Stampede Nashville North Stage with her mom. Sadi is also a guitar player, singer/song writer/ entertainer. As always wanting her daughter to sing with her, Shelley asked the label what they thought of a mother/daughter duo. Well, this was an amazing opportunity as there had been no mother/daughter duos since the Judd’s.

“The music industry is very hard core”, Shelley says, “you have to be tougher than tough. You not only pour your heart and soul out to be judged, but there are many people wanting to make money off of you.”

Time went by quickly. The new mother/daughter duo, ‘The Lynch’s’ had investors, they recorded at OmniSound Studio Nashville and then within a month found themselves in Florida to complete the recording process.

While in Florida, ‘The Lynch’s’ had some discrepancies over royalties and financial business decisions. This resulted in both companies parting their ways. Upon return to Fernie, ‘The Dream Team’ (Shelley, Sadi and Cathy) was still determined to make it happen. Shelley was quick to write a new song, ‘Purpose in Life’, with a message that you have a gift and should bring that gift to life. Anytime you go out of your comfort zone, you are going ‘out on a limb’.

With the pressures of ‘the industry’ and everyday chatter, it made it difficult for this mother/daughter duo and soon they found themselves at an expiration. Sadi wanted to take a break; this was the end of ‘The Lynch’s’. Shelley says, “It’s sad. I know that Sadi and I have something special, we always have had. But I have to surrender it to God and be grateful of the experience I had.”

In late spring 2013, Shelley left her husband. This was a very trying time for her and she only had one thing to say, “Nobody knows what goes on in a marriage except for the two people involved. Sometimes things just don’t work out, that is just the way it is”.

Shelley pours her heart and soul into every song she writes. She says she has to ‘live it’ to ‘write it’. The ‘Dream Big’ (2007 release) building a profound connection to a growth process that began in childhood and continues on to the present, always “dreaming big” throughout life, striving to make her musical vision a reality. Moving on to her next release ‘Powerful Woman’ brings some of the most powerful and soulful songs written.

Shelley has persistence, a positive outlook and a desire to take her dream to yet another level. Back on her own, she knows the music business needs to be balanced with her family life and her job, but it was time to step it up a couple notches, focussing more on the business

The first single release, October 2013, ‘Love and Fate’, is an upbeat positive tune about finding your soul mate and being honest with yourself. ‘911 Rescue Me’ is a personal tribute as Shelley has been saving lives and writing songs for over two decades. ‘I Will Survive’… with lyrics like “I am proof, there is life, there is life after this hell I’ve been living” showing strength and survival through tough times, straight from the heart, real life, real as it gets. The song ‘Powerful Woman’ shows independence in a fun way.

Shelley struggled through her divorce process mentally and financially, which resulted in limited airplay and performance through this album. However with her strong faith and gift of music and song writing that little voice inside never let up.

With the passing of her father on July 8, 2015, added to the downside of life. “I don’t even know what to say, or how to explain the sadness I felt and continue to feel with the loss of my dad. I have comfort knowing that he is always around me, watching over all of my family and especially my mom. I do know that he believed in my music career and I have to kick myself in the butt and get moving.” Shelley spent a lot of time upgrading her paramedic skills. She explains that working all the time and studying keeps her from losing it! “I know my time to grieve is still coming, maybe when or if I ever slow down. But for now, I will give it all I got, as life is short and we only live once.”

In 2019, her nephew Carter (Carter’s Song) – Cathy’s son, took his own life. Strong faith and family still manage the grief and sorrow this family has suffered.

After a long break of from the industry, Shelley spent her time to rebuild her strength and continued her song writing. In the fall of 2019, she attended the CCMA week in Calgary to see if she still belonged in the ‘Country Music Industry’. To her surprise there were many professionals that approached her asking ‘where have you been?’. Then out of no where she received a call from an artist asking if she could open a show as there was a cancelation. Once performing, the flicker of fire with music was once again ignited.

In 2020, her sister Cathy insisted she come to CRS in Nashville. It wasn’t long Shelley found herself again in the mist of music radio professionals asking when they could hear something new. It was then Shelley ran into long time friend Dean Miller, who was quick to announce he was still producing music. Shelley’s desire for entering the music industry once again was ignited.

Shortly after returning from Nashville, the Pandemic hit. This is when the full flame began once again for Shelley’s professional career. With her strong faith and God given gift she said, “I don’t want to die and have to explain to God why I haven’t given everything I’ve got to my music career. I am going to go back into the industry with my current knowledge and find a way to bring my gift to others”.

In the fall of 2020, the first single from the 4 song LP, produced by Dean Miller, son of famous Roger Miller, Dreams and Gasoline was released. This is a co write with Travis Pickering, friend and guitarist. A song about igniting your lost dreams. When the pandemic hit, Shelley was more than determined to get back to her God given gift and continue chasing her dream of music. Shelley’s songs were emailed to Dean and taken to Beaird Music Group, Nashville, TN. Taking a song from an acoustic level to full production is an art. Add some of Nashville’s greatest pickers and players like Pat McGrath, Billy Noble, Eli Beaird, Scotty Sanders, Grady Saxman and Kenny Greenberg who have worked with some big names like Taylor Swift, Amy Grant, Brooks & Dunn, Wynonna, Toby Keith, Faith Hill just to name a few, and you have some great music. Shelley joined the sessions by zoom, then the tracks were emailed to MCC Studio in Calgary AB. Once there, Shelley recorded the vocal tracks with Grammy Award nominee  Johnny Gasperic, then back to Nashville for mixing and mastering.

The follow-up Make it to Memphis, spring 2021, brought 2 more singles in the top 100 of the Music Row Breakout Chart, Dreams and Gasoline topping out at #66, March 26, 2021. Make it to Memphis single was recognized in the Music Row Magazine by Alex Perry (Chart Director), “Canadian singer-songwriter, Shelley Lynch has the highest debut this week on the MusicRow CountryBreakout Radio Chart landing at No. 74” in July 2021, alongside Toby Keith. Make it to Memphis continues to move upwards.

Shelley always records acoustic versions of her songs and also release and entire acoustic album of her self penned tunes, available on digital downloads.

The additional time, growth and travels down “Life’s Highway” have her ready for her new journey. She recently teamed up with Joe Kelly, CDX Nashville, who has assisted in kick starting Luke Combs, Florida Georgia Line and many more. He was named Southeast Regional Director of Promotion at Intersound Country and Platinum Entertainment, where he controlled a seven-state area with sixty-two major radio markets promoting such artists as the Bellamy Brothers, Suzy Boggus, The Oak Ridge Boys, Earl Thomas Conley, T. Graham Brown, Roy Clark, Lynn Anderson, Billy Joe Royal, Jo-El Sonnier, Don Williams, Charlie Pride, Ronnie McDowell and many more. Joe has booked artists such as Toby Keith, Joe Nichols, Blake Shelton, David Allan Coe, Confederate Railroad, The Kentucky Headhunters, and many more. Having Joe steer the ship with Shelley’s music career is sure to show an exciting new chapter to her life! In 2022 Shelley signed a Global distribution deal with CDX Nashville / Sony / Orchard. Joe Kelly (https://www.cdxnashville.com/ ) and his team distribute her music all around the world and assist in the marketing tactics of getting Shelley’s music heard. CDX was the original delivery method to radio with the first ‘Plowin’ and Cryin’ hit back in 2008.

Shelley built a solid team to support each area of her career; Recording, Social Media, Radio, Marketing and touring. Her business skills come from an up bringing of family businesses to her recent skills building a business with her brother in the Mining industry. Shelley has been the Finance Manager for Transcendent Mining and Mobilization Inc. dba TMM Projects 2022 since 2015.

Shelley’s sister Cathy handles her social media and together they built a ‘Social Media Team’ building a solid base of fans and support. Cathy has been with Shelley from the beginning of her career and works directly by her side. Doug Abbey, has supported Shelley through Canadian radio and dedicated as they come, works endless hours helping streamline marketing strategies. Shelley has also hires other independent companies to support her career. Drew Zibin, Sound and recording, works with Shelley to improve live performance along with supporting the marketing of her music.

Her single “Country Girls are Crazy” became a top 50 song on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart! The country version of Nickelback’s “If Today Was Your Last Day”, has brought her talent to yet another level. She hit the ground running in 2023 with 5 more self penned tunes. “Live Everyday” made it to the top 100 on the Music Row Charts and top 10 with the CICC. “Love is Real” released to radio in August 2023, “Rock it Out This Christmas” is getting ready for the festive season. “I Win” and “Different Kind of Lonely” are not far behind.

There’s no stopping the momentum of the Canadian singer/song writer! Add to that her great team The Orchard/Sony Music Nashville and CDX Records Project Manager, Joe Kelly, bringing her songs to the world.

Every Friday Shelley hosts an all acoustic one-hour performance on her Social media pages, songs of all her albums and cover tunes. This live event is co-hosted by her sister Cathy, who engages the audience through live stream. Free Fireball merch is sponsored by Fireball Whiskey, ‘Fireball Friday’, every Friday at 7pm MST.

Regardless of whether she achieves the world limelight like she hopes and right now this definitely seems a close possibility, this woman is already a success at life, proving she has what it takes to be an international star.

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