Shelley Lynch Powerful woman

Lyrics and inspiration behind each song:

Love and Fate

“The Love and Fate was originally written for a very close friend, about 20 years ago, who was no longer in love with her husband and asked me if I thought there was ‘real love’. Last year, my daughter asked the same question. I took the lyrics to Love and Fate, which was originally a very slow song and put it into an upbeat tune. Love and Fate was always one of my favorites, but it just didn’t feel right being such a sad song, however it was a keeper being written from the heart. Now that is has some amazing upbeat music, I am happy to share it with the world and anyone that would like to be part of my journey in life!”

Powerful Woman

“I remember sitting at my kitchen table with this common standard beat, just a fun dancing song. The words came to me instantly as I was laughing about my ‘independent life’. It’s a fun song about women who work with steel toe boots/hard hat, but can also dress it up in a classy atmosphere. We are woman that ‘stand out’, that is where the ‘different blood running through my veins’ line came from. I believe in an equal environment and was never a stay at home mom…..all life tasks need to be shared, that is how we get through this life”

Tomorrow’s A Better Day

“This song was written for one of my truest friends. She was going through a very hard time and I would call her everyday, sometimes three times a day. At the end of the call I would say ‘Tomorrow’s a better day’. This gave us the opportunity to at least laugh a little and she would say ‘you’re going to write a song about that’. Songs come out at the strangest times; this one was a long time after our day to day calls. I don’t watch TV often, but while folding laundry, I turned the channel to Opera and it was an episode of ‘Tent city’. There were people who lost there homes and were living in tents. It really touched my heart, I sat down and watched, cried for them and counted my blessings. I just couldn’t imagine and thought we all put our pants on the same way, why is this happening to them? I then remembered my friend and her not ever crying. I would tell her that God gave us tears to cry that is what makes us stronger. My guitar is always by my side……well….out came this song.”

My F-Bucket List

“I was in my hot tub with my sister Cathy, surprisingly enough we were drinking wine! Cathy came over to cheer me up. I had a lot of life challenges on my path and I remember saying ‘I need a bucket list’. Cathy’s reply was, ‘You need a F*@K it list!’ We were laughing so hard, making up all kinds of F-it lists! Then I said, watch, I am definitely going to write a song about this one day….about six months later I was playing my guitar and started laughing thinking about our hot tub. Yup, you guessed it, out came ‘My F-Bucket List’!”

Coal Miner

“I worked in the mining industry as a medic/mine rescue attendant for many years. My co workers were teasing me one day saying that I never wrote a song about a ‘coal miner’. I truly didn’t ever think about it or even knew what to write. One day I sat down, wrote a few lines about what we do in the in the mine and put it into a song.”

911 Rescue Me

“The title 911 was inspired by my sister Cathy. She knows how hard it is to be in this business and she also knows that 9 1 1 = 11, my lucky number. While in Nashville I was telling her about a song in my head. There are only two “real” jobs I have done in my life; saving lives and writing songs, but both of those come with repercussions. I told her I wish I could change who I am. The understanding sister that Cathy is, cheering me up, said you should name it 911! Then we went for lunch with Jan Woods. Jan and I had a heart to heart conversation; she is the angel in this song. Jan said, “Honey, you can’t change what God wants you to be”. When I returned home from Nashville, this is what came out in the song.

I am dedicating this song to all rescuers and song writers, as we can’t change who we are.

My Truck You Song (My F*^$ You Song)

“I do not get angry very often. I’m the type that can take a lot and may or may not let it get to me. That one day, not long after I left my ex husband, I had a phone call from the bank asking why I was moving my mortgage. Funny thing is, I was not……..This song is written and composed fully by me; most tracks from my home studio.

Nobody knows what goes on in a marriage but the two people involved. Sometimes things just don’t work out, that is just the way it is.”

In a Real Country Song

“I pulled this song from my pile of “rough copies”. Back in May 2012, I was visiting my mom and dad in Jaffray. My dad brought up the conversation of dying. Feeling very uncomfortable, I told him I wasn”t okay talking about dying, he was scaring me. His reply was “You don”t have to be afraid of dying, we all know where were going.” He said, “some people don”t believe in God, but it must be lonely without Him”. I would have to say that now I am glad we had that conversation. I told him maybe I should write a song about it? He said, “Ya, but make it a “real country song”. Most of the lyrics are straight from my dad, kind of like he “wrote it”….I just re organized the lyrics and put it in a song.

Dad, I know you are up in Heaven, I will miss you more than words can say. Love you…..

Love is Real

“I was watching a documentary on an amazing singer/song writer artist. Being a song writer is a gift, however you are always putting your heart and soul out to be judged. One part of the documentary was about loving someone and how it doesn’t matter how long the relationship was, the feeling determines if it is real. This recording is the original first recording, with my laptop and guitar, not long after I wrote ‘Love is Real’.

Purpose In Life

“I woke up one morning at 3am remembering a dream of a huge rock overlooking the Bull River and wrote this song Purpose In Life. Not knowing if this rock existed, I called my parents, as in my younger days my family would ride their horses through Hartley Lake Road to the Bull River. When my mom and dad confirmed there was such a place, we headed out for a trip to the Bull! Finding the rock was so amazing! The song is about what our ‘Purpose in Life’ is; fulfilling this purpose can be challenging, but we are on this earth for a reason. Sometimes that requires us to ‘Go out on a limb’, out of what we presume to be normal. The resemblance of the rock in my dream……It was very scary being or thinking of going out there. Once we were there, it was the most amazing, peaceful view.”

I Will Survive

“My life has gone down many roads, some that are great and some that seem to be bad. All roads are life lessons; the trick is to keep going. 2012 was a very challenging year for me, I had a breakdown, then lost my job, dissolved a recording contract and my marriage was falling apart. The only way for me to get through (or survive) it to put it in a song.”

It Get’s Better Over Time

“After I left my husband, I was living in a camper at my sister’s yard. I left everything behind. My only hope was to have my children with me and start over. Divorce is very hard. I am sure it is more challenging for the children that are bounced around. I choose to put my children first and not allow my hurt soul to get in the way. However that ‘hurt’ can be so deep, it is almost unbearable. This song was recorded at home, was not finished, but I put it on this album so it didn’t get lost in the shuffle of duds; the feeling was too great.”

Losing Me

“Once again this precious song is included. This is how the song originally started, me and a piano.”

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Dream Big CD


Shelley Lynch”s Dream Big Autobiography

Each Song on the Dream Big CD was written by Shelley Lynch.

Lyrics and inspiration behind each song:

Dream Big

“Anyone who knows me, is well aware that I am a big dreamer! I have always wanted to write a song about it and to my children for encouragement. While sitting on my deck one Sunday morning, the words just starting coming! I went as quickly as I could to a private studio and there it was, one great song! Written for my children, Sadi & Dwight.”

I was young once, sometimes foolish / With no certain path / Always new I would play this guitar / Now when I look back / Pre – Chorus Every mistake makes you wiser / Have faith and trust your gut / Chorus Dream big, live right now / With guidance from above / Live with uncertainty / Confident though it all / If there’s any advice to be given / Hear what I say / You only have one life to live / Give-it-all-you-got today / Pre-chorus / Chorus Clean your own back yard before you talk the talk / Lead the way, don’t you follow so you can walk the walk / 2 chorus out / confident through / vision it you / This is what you’ll become

You Can’t Look Back

“While waiting for my son Dwight at the bus stop, I looked in the rear view mirror and thought, I need to put a lot of things behind me. I remembered my husband Frank telling me, ‘You can’t keep looking in the rear view mirror or you’ll crash’. I shared my idea with my friend and guitarist Les, we then composed an acoustic melody, I took the recording to my truck and wrote this song.”

Everyone has a time / Where life seems to get you down / That’s just life It’ll pick you up and pull you down / Pre chorus Gotta stay strong Confidence is your strongest weakness / Chorus You can’t look back, no If you’re looking in the rear view mirror / If you look back, ya / What you see just may hurt you // Sometimes life / Takes down an unforgivin’ highway / You feel so alone / But it’s not just you on the freeway / Pre chorus / Chorus / music / Just one life / That’s all the good Lord gives you / It’s all right / To lean on him if you need too V1 / Chorus X2 / Don’t look back now

Plowin’ & Cryin’

“From the time we met, Frank has teased me about singing country music. He likes country music but just not the slow ‘mushy’ stuff! He always says ‘it’s just plowin’ and cryin’ music’ and he laughs! This inspired me to write a song. When I took the lyrics back to the studio the next day I was worried I would offend someone, but you know it is just the way Frank thinks about ‘Plowin’ and Cryin’ music’. I hope you like the song.”

He’s out all day, all alone / Plowin’ ‘til the cows come home / Dust & dirt, rain or shine / Keepin’ Jonny on the line / He’s got the radio on, Radio on / Pullin’ Steel through the ground / Take it up for another round / The work is hard the days are long All he hears is another song / Plowin’ and Cryin’, plowin’ & Cryin’ song / Chorus Plowin’ and Cryin’ / Plowin’ and Cryin’ / I’ll give you a plowin’ and cryin’ song (2. Here’s your Plowin’ and cryin’ song) / He came in late one Sunday night / Said country music just ain’t right / They shot the dog, the wife left home / Ain’t got no money, and they’re all alone / They’re Plowin’ & Cryin’, They’re plowin’ & Cryin’ songs / The got a Twain here and they got a twang there / There’re all slow beat & they’re goin’ no where / Add a good back beat, lets get it done / Play some ‘Jimmy’ just for fun / Rock on country, this is your plowin’ & cryin’ song / Chorus / Plow this Rock on country, this is your plowin’ & cryin’ song / Chorus / (I’ll take you home and give you a plowin’ and cryin’ song) / He said ‘It’s just plowin & cryin’ music’

Losing Me

“This is what we call the ‘losing it’ song! I was 20 years old when I wrote this, going through a very sad break up. I felt it was important to put it on this CD, back to its original state, with a fresh outlook.”

Now you’re gone away / Seems to get harder each day / Have to change the way I used to be / When there was love in you and me / There’s no such thing as good-bye Even when you feel your heart die / What happens if we ever meet again / Is there ever really gonna’ be an end / Chorus / Take me away from it all / Take me away from it all / Show me what it’s like to be free / I’m afraid I might be losing me / The days go by so long / I try to keep myself strong / There’s no place left for me to hide And no ones there walkin’ by my side / Make it all go away / Make it all go away / Life is just not a game to play / So take all the hurt and throw it all away / You say those words of good-bye / You see those tears in my eyes / Why does it always seem to be this way / Chorus / I’m afraid I might be losing me

Where I Come From

“I always wanted to write a song about how and where I was brought up. I really love the Elk Valley in British Columbia, Canada. My parents let me be who I wanted to be. They owned the ‘Elk Drive-In Theatre’ in Hosmer. I am sure the town figured the ‘Lynch’ kids were party animals but, you know, we were just havin’ good fun! The Elk Valley and South Country is such a great place to live- four wonderful seasons, clean air and water. I am thankful I can raise my Consumers and lawmakers constantly watch what is used for, and debate about the fairness of scoring and the expanding use of those scores. children here.”

A little story, where I come from / Big dreams, a whole lot of fun / My mother gave, the freedom needed / To be who we are, proud of that feelin’ / My dad, had the Drive-In movies / Let kids be kids, laughed at the moonies, / He loved life, let us be free Heart of gold, nerves of steel / Chorus / This little town has been good to me / It’s where I come from / Our little parties up coal creek, / We were just having fun Life was so great where I come from / Sittin’ on the roof top, are old barn / Eating all we could, from the snack bar / Winter came, it was still fun / Saturday night, guitars and drums / Chorus / Living room full, friends and family / I need to bring this tradition back to me / This little town is still good to me / It’s where I come from There’s still parties up coal creek / We’re still havin’ fun / Life is still great where I come from / Life is so great where I come from / where I come from

My Way

“My way was written in 2004 when bad things seemed to be on a roller coaster with friends and family. While attending a BBQ, a friend had said to me, ‘Let me off this bus’. I started to laugh because everything seemed so stressful until she said that. I told her I needed to put it in a song.”

Chris lost his mom today /Jackie’s losin’ her mind / Cindy lost control of her bike And me I’m doin’ fine / I just keep hearing bad things / And I don’t know why If I don’t get out now / I’ll be trapped inside / Chorus / Let me off this bus / It’s goin’ down the wrong road / I’ll take my ’69 Chevy / We’ll do fine on our own / I can picture this feeling / Doin’ 80 on an open road / No cares in my world / And knowin’ my way home / Hey hey hey, It’s gonna be my way / Yeah, It’s gonna be my way / Jimmy lost his job last week / Susie’s goin’ into bankruptcy / Young kids on ecstasy / And me I’m doin’ fine / Yes I really do care, If I Could change it I would / Stop and let me off this ride / It ain’t no dam good! / Chorus Crusin’ / Smilin’ / Oh yeah

Walk Through Life

“This song was the title track on the 1996 ‘Walk Thru Life’ CD. I decided to release it again in a newer version. It was well received in the UK and Canada. Many, many years ago (ha ha!) I met this man in a bar in Fernie! He was the most drunk, obnoxious man I have ever met. I tried to run from him, but he kept following me. Because he was so drunk, I asked him what he wanted from a woman (thinking the alcohol would claim the truth) he said I want a woman to ‘walk through life’ with. Three years later I wrote this song. Yes I still haven’t gotten rid of him, and don’t ever want to!”

Well I never could imagine, meeting someone like you / You’re all I’ve ever wanted, could you possibly be true / We’re heading down a road a path so unknown / I’ll take what’s coming at me as we start to build a home / Chorus / I want to walk through life with you / Side by side, daytime and night time / I want to be there with you Through the good times and the bad times / We will see them though / Oh Babe I want to walk though life with you / Well the first time that I saw you, you were sippin’ on a rye / It made me wonder why, you were all alone / And now we’re together and time goes by / The love keeps growing stronger and it will until we die Chorus / It’s what I want babe, I want to live my life with you

What’s Heaven Like?

My good friend left my home after my daughter’s Birthday Party She had come off nightshift’ and hadn’t had much sleep all day. Her car hit a fuel truck two miles from my home. I was at the accident scene. Vian, I miss you dearly. The song “What’s Heaven Like” was written for you.

I close my eyes, And all I see is you / Oh how I cry, I’ve never been so blue / He took you away / And now we pray / What’s Heaven Like, Are you ok? / Before that night, life seemed a better way / And like that night, I wished I could have helped you stay Every breath of air / Yes I was there / What’s Heaven Like, Are we ok? / Chorus / When you see God tell him / I’m sorry for being mad / ‘Cause he took my heart with you / and I really need it back / Never been so angry inside / I’ve never been so sad / And I know you’ll find a way / You could have stayed / life won’t have changed / God has his ways / it would have been re-arranged / I don’t understand / I live in his hands / What’s Heaven Like, Is it real? / Chorus / see you again one day / See you again one day / I close my eyes, and all I see is you

Melt Down

“The first time I heard the phrase `melt down` was after being told my young son Dwight had one at child care. Our family was undergoing a lot of stress at the time, and I knew Dwight was sensing it. I told him that it is ok to ‘lose it’ or have a ‘melt down’ once and awhile; it is how we mend our wounds. That same week, at our friends Alan and Karina’s. Alan said, ‘Do you feel like you are strapped to the front of a runaway train?’ I said, ‘you know that is a good line for a song!’ The next day, I wrote this song.”

Early morning, the alarm went off / Shattered good when it hit the wall / mm..hmm. x2 / This days been a long week / Don’t know how I’ll get back on my feet / mm..hmm x2 / Chorus / I just need, a little break / Melt down, if that’s what it takes mm..hmm x2 / Tried to go out and wish it away / But my brain don’t work that way uh ah / My palm says I’m worried and week / Too much stress comin’ over me mm..hmm x2 / Chorus / The good Lord only gives, what you can take / I wonder if He makes mistakes / Just a little, little time out / Melt down, is what it’s about / Melt down / I feel like I’m strapped to the front of a run away train / Don’t worry honey, I’ll be okay / This whirl-wind isn’t here to stay / Uh ah / The worlds crazy and I don’t understand / Why we can’t get along on this land mm..hmm x2 / Chorus / I need some happy juice / You got some happy juice / Is it happy hour yet?

Lovin’ on the Brain

“My husband, Frank, has always given me inspiration to write, what can I say? When the going gets tough, we still have each other!”

Do do do…. / Hey there babe, Come a little closer / We gotta couple things to go over Hey hey. We’ve got lovin’ on the Brain / Here we are sittin’, they’re on the dance floor / Sippin’ on gin, not sure what we’re here for / Hey hey, We’ve got lovin’ on the Brain / Chorus / We’ve got what most people like to say / We’ve got an hour or a day Maybe in our own crazy way / Hey hey hey, We’ve got Lovin’ on the Brain / Even when there’s trouble with the inlaws / We’ll pull together, we’ll become outlawed Hey hey, We’ve got lovin’ on the brain / No money in the bank, we’re in a big rut Mortgage payment due, seems we’re through / But hey hey, we’ve got lovin’ on the brain / Chorus / Every time you kiss me, my troubles turn over / You send me on a ride like a roller coaster…Yeah, yeah / Chorus / Do do do….

Let me Stay

“I was sitting on my deck in the, summer of 2000, with my newborn baby boy. I had just received the news that I had a Liposarcoma (Cancerous tumour). I read the Bible over and over, crying and saying,“Please God, let me stay.“ I looked at my new baby and thought, I have no choice, I have to stay. The song come directly from Psalms 31:25 (In some versions, Psalms 31:24).”

‘Little boy once told me, ‘bout a pink sunset / Said every time you see one, It resembles some ones death / Now I find myself, wishing them all away / Can’t see to find the courage to stay / You see I have a little problem, my body is lame / The doctor says don’t worry / My life may change / Just sittin’ ‘round here waiting / is driving me insane / When I talk to God he says / Chorus / Be strong, take heart, all you who hope in the Lord / In Psalms 31:25 / And I’ll listen to the words /And I’ll be okay / while I pray / Please God Let me stay / The love of my life, girl and baby boy How can I tell you, I won’t be here long / How can I find the strength to keep me hangin’ on / Live this path He gave me so strong / Chorus / You can’t explain this feelin’ / What’s going on / I wanna’ walk a million miles / In this song / Chorus Let me stay…

Did you Ever

“When I was 18 years old, I worked in a remote guide camp as a cook. I had broken my leg playing ball, and to get there, I had to ride a horse for three hours with my leg in a cast and my guitar on my back. I worked in a cook house, with lots of mice, a hatchet, bears roaming around and chipmunks eating my pies! But whenever I was afraid, I just thought of the ’city life’ and how the wilderness was the natural way of life. The song says it all.”

Did you ever see a mountain side / Have you ever been alone / Did you ever walk a million miles / To a place that’s so unknown / Could you ever imagine being there Not a single word is heard / Could you ever imagine in a valley / To listen to an echo from a word / Chorus / This is a place of people fear / Where they never ever go alone / Yet they can walk the city streets / And never fear a single soul / It’s just a natural life / That scares you to the bone / But what about the crazy life / On the city streets at home / There’s no way to describe a life / Of peace beyond control / But the night can trap you up / And take you in a dark hole / Did you see the sun shining bright / Through the window sill / Did you feel the cool wind blow / Through the walls so still / Chorus / At home, at home

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