Losing Me Live Photo

You Can't Look Back Live Photo

You Can’t Look Back – live Acoustic


Losing Me Live


911 Rescue Me

Journey Through a Song: 911 Rescue Me and Video


 Love and Fate

Journey Through a song: Love and Fate and Video

The Lynch’s – Mother/Daughter Duo

Purpose In Life  and  Live at Station Square


Dream Big Album Autobiography  / Music is not what I do… is who I am


  Blame it on the Whiskey / Walk Through Life


 Plowin’ & Cryin’  /  Coal Miner


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Jerry Duncan Promotions is marketing and tracking the release of Plowin’ & Cryin’ to US radio stations. Here’s what Jerry Duncan has to say:

“Shelly Lynch “Plowin’ & Cryin” is off to a great start! 16 Music Row reporting stations added the record out of the box this week (June 08)! And our official add date is not until next week! We are already at #108 in the Music Row Breakout Chart and should easily debut in the top 100 next week. This is a really good showing for a debut single by a new independent artist!”

Here’s the final status of where ‘Plowin’ & Cryin’ peaked:
-Country Music Breakout Chart – Music Row #73
-New Music Weekly – Main Chart #19
-New Music Weekly – Indie Top 30 #10

“Every once in a while I hear a really great song. ‘You Can’t Look Back’ by Shelley Lynch is one of them!”

-Bill Hennes—President/Founder & Program Consultant

“I believe hard work, life experience and desire are the key ingredients for country music success. Shelley Lynch has those qualities.”

-Jay Richards—Country 600 CJWW Saskatoon, SK

“Not since I acquired the debut album by Iris Larratt 16 years ago have I been so impressed by every song on an album as I am with the debut release by Fernie BC’s Shelley Lynch.”

-Jan Patterson-Levi—Country Music News, Ottawa, ON

“Shelley is a very great, talented female singer and I want to playlist the song: Walk Through Life. Great lyric, music and sound. Hope I can hear more from this artist in the future.”

-Bente Kyed-Country Class, Denmark

“Fantastic country song, ‘Walk Through Life,’ I love it. The listeners love the song. I hope to hear others soon!”

-Domincque Lemarechal—Rockabilly’s Club, France

“First of all, thank you so much for your single CD “Walk Through Life”, It’s a very fine song with a happy tune. I have given it airplay lots of time on both radio stations. I wonder if you have some other songs, you want to be presented here in Denmark on our country radio. If you have, we would like to give you lots of airplay. You have a wonderful voice for singing country. Absolutely!!!! If you have any plans to come to Europe and especially to Scandinavien, I will be happy to give you some contacts over here.”

-Holger Petersen, Denmark

“Regardless whether she achieves the world limelight like she hopes, this young woman is already a success at many aspects of life, proving that she certainly has what it takes to be an international star.”

-Mary Giulliano—freelance writer, Fernie

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