Losing Me Live…

Lynch Records is proud to bring Shelley Lynch live to you!!! We all have busy lives; work, children, family, life….

Life is also busy with Shelley but she always seems to find a way to bring her music to her fans. Whether it be video, live or in your living room as a private setting; if there is a way she will make it happen! Today, with the internet, Lynch Records is proud to present an online live tour version of Shelley and her life of music. She is tirelessly devoted to experimentation, onstage as well as on record, and she has some new features planned for her live shows; including her newest booking “Intimate with Shelley Lynch”, which will also include a campfire setting with her acoustic guitar!!. She will be performing a private booking in a couple weeks with the residents at Sweetwater . Live footage from this event will be available for her fans across the world! So tell your friends to sign up on this email list as you will be the first to hear it online!!
The excitement is always greater being there, so if you are looking to book this amazing woman, contact us directly!
Thank You to Wendy Kovach for the “Losing Me” video. Wendy is one of Shelley”s fans and drove 150 miles just to see her live! (click on the link to the left)
We thank you for supporting this artist over the years and look forward to bringing Shelley”s life through music to you!!

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